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Carbon Emission Management Assistant

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Project Infomation

The University of Cambridge’s Environment and Energy section works to improve the environmental sustainability of the University’s operational estate. With an estate portfolio valued at over £1.7bn, a planned capital building programme worth £412m, and energy costs of £15m a year, the University has a high environmental impact and large carbon footprint. We are committed to an absolute reduction of our carbon footprint by 2020.
My graduate placement, as Carbon Management Assistant was created to help support the Carbon Reduction Manager in a number of areas of carbon management.
  • Client : Insight Studio
  • Date : 20 Feb, 2018
  • Skills : Project Planning

Challenge & Solution

I supported the Carbon Reduction Manager in a number of areas including data management, analysis and reporting; project design and implementation; and communications and engagement. I also helped to implement the Energy and Carbon Reduction Project (ECRP).
Improve carbon savings
I helped to organise the launch of the University’s Equipment Replacement Programme, which should see large carbon savings with funding to replace inefficient pieces of energy intensive equipment, such as -80 freezers, in the near future.
Carbon emission review
I also helped on a practical level with the current review of the University’s Carbon Management Plan. I carried out, reviewed and improved the University’s methods for reporting Scope 3 (indirect) carbon emissions helping to report against targets in the future.
Results Analyses & Conclusions
My placement was organised through Change Agents, who supported the University in terms of helping with the recruitment process and provided me with personal and professional development as a graduate.

Our Process

Opportunity Benefits: I was given the opportunity to attend many events as well to develop skills and knowledge outside of the scope of the role. I was given the independence to focus and work on different areas, and to make contacts which will be extremely useful for my future career and studies.
Improve sales & operations & production planning
Determine the right inventory level
Optimize the supply chain for perfect order planning
Improve sales & operations & production planning

Result Driven

During my opportunity, I launched and started the beginnings of the University’s Green Labs Programme – a programme which seeks to reduce the environmental impact of scientific research where possible. (Credit:
Reduced lead time by 43%
Decreased variability by 50%
Lowered the risk of back-order by 95%
Increased stock for finished goods by 10%